BODEGA Enological Metabolism / 3rd - 17th of July 2014



Directors Coordinators Tutors
Edouard Cabay Relja Ferusic Edouard Cabay
Carles Sala Pablo Ros Carles Sala
    Relja Ferusic
    Pablo Ros
    Mar Santamaría
    Stephenn Foley



Data gathering.
The core exercise of the workshop will depart from an onsite cartographical analysis of the wine cathedrals of the modernist movement. We will read the bodega as a set of interlaced systems, occurring in time, orchestrating all the aspects of architecture and wine making: space, structure, light, climate, services, circulation, machines, processes, transport…

Data mapping.
With the data collected during the field trip, students will have to describe graphically the way in which they understand these systems and relations. The outcome of this analysis will be formalised as drawings or maps, test models and form-finding experiments, that attempt to dismantle or dissect the systems that compose the winery.

Live sensorial laboratory.
Playfully creating a “mise-en-scene” with wine, students will explore sensorial experiences that the liquid is not known to usually provoke. We will take the wine out of the glass, into the space, into the air, confronting it to light, heat, wind… This part of the work will run as a continuous experiment, starting on day one, ending during the final presentation of the workshop!

Digital tools and physical models
We will tackle drawing and model-making with the contribution of digital tools, may they help us to think about cartography, about design, about making... Parametric design will be part of the learning agenda of the workshop. Support in drawing, 3d-modelling, parametric modelling, physical fabrication will be provided by a team of experts. .


BODEGA Enological Metabolism
3rd - 17th of July 2014

Bodega – Enological Metabolism is again revolving around the idea of working on associations that exist between wine and architecture, furthermore to search for their interdependence and the influences that they may have on one another. The workshop this year will be the occasion to discover the fascinating cultural patrimony left by the Catalan modernist architects of the so called “Wine Cathedrals” in southern Catalonia.

Emerging as a peculiar building typology in the early 20th century, the modernist winery seems to articulate a reciprocal relationship between wine and its process of making, between the apparatus and the structure, between the content and the container…

Can these buildings be understood as machines? How do structure, materials and spatial organisations relate to the process of wine making? What are all the interlaced systems and strategies that exist within these delicate yet astonishing constructions and their context?

The workshop will run as two parallel experiments occurring simultaneously along the two weeks of the course. One as an exploration on the senses, using wine as raw material, will happen as 1:1 performing installations, empirically testing and provoking unusual sensorial reactions on the body.

The other, initiated from a methodological understanding of constructive, structural and spatial affinities of the modernist bodega, will lead to the design of new models, or even buildings, for a contemporary winery. Using digitally advanced techniques, these latter explorations will take the form of large scale maps and physical models.



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Open Lectures Series

ARCHI/TECH/E/NOLOGIES is a Lecture Series open to everyone, which will bring together professionals of all kinds concerning architecture, technology and enology. Local and international architects with expertise in designing wineries will explain their startegies to develop their work on the wine field, whereas enologists and agricultural engineers will support and contrast all the techniques and current technologies used both, in the vineyard and the winery, to control the whole process of wine making in order to optimize the quality and the design of its coupage. By linking all these disciplines, the students will be encouraged to learn and support their project based in all this knowledge and tools.

Opening lecture 2014 (3rd of July 2014, ETSAB - UPC Barcelona Tech at 19:30)
Benedetta Tagliabue, EMBT, Barcelona

Midterm lecture 2014 (10th of July 2014, ETSAB - UPC Barcelona Tech at 19:30)
Josep Miàs, Mias Arquitectes, Barcelona

Keynote lecture 2014 (17th of July 2014, Roca Barcelona Gallery at 19:30)
Marc Fornes , Theverymany, New York

Keynote Lecturer course 2013
Sir Peter Cook