BODEGA Enological Metabolism / 7th - 17th of September 2017

Programme 2017

Day 8, The Harvest Fest, a spatial-temporal event dedicated to tasting.

While all senses awaken for the experience of wine drinking, we wonder how can architecture serve to gather all the possible attributes to construct an environment special enough to stimulate the human capacities of viewing, smelling, the tasting, touching, hearing...

White and transparent, as pallet of materials and effects to construct the bond between body and wine, space and time. Building structures, devices, apparatus, for the intricate and delicate sake of the experience. Immersed within the vineyard, we will work towards the staging of a single event, occurring on the 8th day. in which we will host a group of vine specialists and enthousiasts to confront them to an unprecedented atmosphere for tasting.

Together with specialised architects from the wine world, with enologists and scientists from the region and viticol entrepreneurs, the workshop will host conversations in order to imagine and create the spatial/temporal event. It will be the occasion for all of us to learn about wine and the science and tradition, about the vineyard and the winery, but also about constructing temporary wooden structures, transparent containers, white surfaces on the scale of the space of the body…

The date of the event is set, it will happen on the 16th of September in the vineyard of Mas Rodo in the Penedès.

Live construction
learn how to engage with detail, structure and space by working with a combination of timber and fabrics at a 1:1 scale.

Sensorial approach
Learn to image, design and construct a space based on a sensorial experience.

Map the winery
Learn how document sensitively the landscape of the winery with photography, sketches, writing...

Dialogue between space and wine
Learn to integrate the complex process of wine making in design in order to produce a space that evokes and reflects enology.

Science and space
Engage, in the Live Laboratory of the Senses, with an empirical approach to understand wine, not simply as a product to consume, but as a material to create an atmosphere.

The landscape
Live and build the landscape. Experience several days in the domesticated natural space of the winery. Understand its climate and its geographical features. Integrate these values in the design process to create a place that absorbs and amplifies the qualities of the place.

People, Wine and Space
The excuse of the event. Learn how to base design on the construction of a situation in which an unknown crowd will engage with our ephemeral set up.

Design of momenta
The event has to happen not only in terms of space but also of time. The design, the schedule and the logistics for a series of happenings or momenta are the key for Day 8, the harvest fest!

Body and grape
Engage with the harvesting of the grape by using the body as a device that can be augmented.

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