BODEGA Enological Metabolism / 18th - 28th of July 2016


BODEGA Enological Metabolism 2016 Brief

Pursuing its desire to weave interrelations between enology and architecture, this year’s AA Barcelona Visiting School explores the potentials of wine and space as two distinctive states: whiteness and transparency. Meandering between 1:1 and 1:10 scales, traditional and advanced tools of making as well as common and innovative materials; these ten days of workshop offer the opportunity to playfully experiment and to construct with wine.

The aim of this year’s workshop is to design a small architectural installation, which uses wine as prime material and enhances its properties to condition the space for new plausible scenarios. We will depart from the ‘Live Laboratory of the Senses’ where we will look at wine, both empirically and sprightly, taking it outside of its context - the glass and the mouth- to pursue new sensorial experiences on body and space. The conclusions of these experiments will initiate a design process in which we will conceive 3 proposals of a wine space construction or installation.

Therefore, by building 3 models at a 1:10 scale, students will have the chance to embrace the liquid condition of wine as an opportunity to explore its performative properties, from science to technology. We will conduct the research in regards with two conceptual environments very present in the experience of wine: white and transparent mediums. A ‘design through making’ methodology will allow us to manufacture, following experimental processes of making and in the context of a parametric thinking.

The work of the visiting school relies strongly on the notion of making. We will be learning through making at a 1:10 scale, using both hand and digital fabrication means and with a special focus on thermo-forming in order to work bot with transparent and opaque materials, such as methacrylate. We will also be working with wooden profiles in order to explore different types of structural schemas and principles.

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