BODEGA Research Group

Programme 2018 / Space 8, Phase 2

AA Visiting School Barcelona, International Workshop, from 16th to 26th of July 2018

After several years of immersion within the process of wine making, Bodega takes the challenge, this year to construct a 1:1 intervention that creates an immersive space that conditions the senses and the environment for the experience of tasting.

While all sense awaken for the experience of wine tasting, we wonder how can architecture be used to gather all the possible ingredients in order to construct an environment special enough to stimulate the human capacities of viewing, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing.

Starting from an existing wooden structure as a matrix that suggests both enclosure and constructive systems and materiality, the students will develop and propose projects, through 3d and physical modelling that fit the condition of the tasting experience. We will address the surface, continuous and fragmented, that can regulate an environment through the control of wind, light, vision, temperature and humidity. During the design phase, we will encourage exploring questions of geometry and tiling, overlap, continuity, striation but also production potential, exploring folding, bending to eventually work with thermoforming and other advanced construction and manufacturing techniques.

Support will provided in modelling and parametric design as well as the establishment of fabrication and production strategy. One to one work will be carried with the rigour of a construction site, complying with health and safety conditions as well as the protocolar settings of a collective construction.

The workshop, strongly axed on design and construction, will also be the occasion to learn extensively about the world of wine and wine making. We will benefit from the visit of regional oenologists and professionals form the viticulture world. In the immersive experience of the workshop, wine will accompany conversations and debates on an architecture of the senses…

We will work in two different locations: the first half in Barcelona, working from an architecture studio space in the vibrant techno-district of Poble Nou where will carry design work in contact with makers of the area and the second half in the winemaking Estate of Mas Rodó in the Penedes region (1 hour drive from Barcelona) where we will be collectively constructing one to one

The workshop will be concluded with a public wine tasting event at the winery of which we will be the hosts!

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