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Programme 2020 / Vertical Winery

AA Visiting School Barcelona, International Workshop, from 15th to 24th of July 2020 / Online course

A vertical winery, pioneer project in the emerging field of food production infrastructures, is the design brief of AA Barcelona Visiting School.

After seven years gaining knowledge in the field of enology and viticulture, the construction of several prototypes and countless encounters with professionals from the fields, this year’s online workshop sets up a new ambitious challenge: a 10 day competition-like charette in order to design and detail a fully functioning vertical winery.

This workshop will operate similarly to an internship, and it will be run in collaboration with two architect firms, aiming to develop a building proposal for an experimental project in professional manner. The objective of the workshop is both the design, and its development into a concrete architectural proposal expressed as a series of architectural drawings, conceptual images and diagrams. Our work development will include conversations, live experiments, parametric modeling, performance analysis and 2d projection drawing.

Gravity, although little recognized today, has been one of the key sources of energy in wine making: many wineries constructed on topographical slopes take advantage of the embedded energy of a liquid travelling downwards. This potential stored energy in liquids or other corps will be our force that we will attempt to use in an empirical and scientific working environment to organize the entire process of wine making along a perfect vertical axis.

Altogether, the 7 steps of wine making (the vineyard, the harvest, fermentation, aging in bottle, the coupage, the aging in barrels, the logistics) and its 8th, the tasting, form the vertical back bone of a structural and functional productive machine that makes wine over time as an architectural metabolic apparatus.

At the intersection of science, design and architecture, the project that we will develop during the internship will integrate numerous needs, some spatial, other infrastructural, biological, material, structural, in order to develop the building until its potential construction.



Prominent Features of the workshop and skills developed

Run through all the professional steps of Schematic Design, Design Development of an architectural project.

Structural evolution of design proposal. You will work with professionals in the field and collaborate in the structural calculations of a building proposal.

You will learn to optimize the structure of the project, working through design iterations.

Collaboration – you will learn to work in a dynamic professional alike environment and take part in design and production meetings, develop valuable contribution to the team and collaborate in the production of all the drawing documentation needed.

Produce architectural graphical information. Although large part of the work will be developed in 3D, the conclusive documents developed will be clear and legible plans and sections, oriented towards construction.

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